Terms of Use

This user agreement (the Agreement) describes the terms and conditions of using the services provided by Time 2 Click to the registered user (Client), including the access to the personal account and payment operations performed through the Time 2 Click website located at https://time2click.net Using Time 2 Click services, you confirm that you have read this Agreement, understood its meaning in full and accept this Agreement.


  • Any person, who has attained majority age, can become a member;
  • Time 2 Click administration reserves the right to deny member’s registration and funds acceptance at its own discretion;
  • It is forbidden to use someone else’s user account;
  • It is forbidden to create more than one user account;
  • Members are not allowed to disclose passwords and personal data to the third parties;
  • The Company does not bear responsibility for any possible delays in the work of payment systems;
  • All the transactions, carried out through the company’s website, are confidential; only registered users can get access to them;
  • It is forbidden to use external programs when working with the system or personal account;
  • If terms and conditions of participation in the project are violated, Administration of Time 2 Click reserves the right to take reasonable measures, aimed at member’s interests protection;
  • When registering at Company Website, Client accedes to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and assures to adhere to them;
  • In case of a dispute while operating the Company's website; ,members are obliged to contact customers support service primarily. It is forbidden to post negative comments about the Company on public forums, chat rooms, social networks
  • The Company reserves the right to make adjustments to this agreement any time, without prior notice to member;
  • In case of violation of at least one of the clauses of this Agreement by the Client, The Project does not bear any responsibility before the Client and disclaims all the liabilities.


  • Administration reserves the right to alter this Agreement in its own discretion and shall inform members of all the alterations, as well as post information of the corresponding alterations at project website in the "News" section;
  • Administration assures that it will not disclose personal data, provided by member, to the third parties;
  • Administration undertakes to accrue dividends and carry out attachments payment and withdrawal in compliance with the marketing plan you have chosen;
  • Administration undertakes to accrue dividends and carry out attachments payment and withdrawal in compliance with the marketing plan you have chosen;
  • Administration is not liable for any possible Client’s investment losses. Any investments are associated with risks. That is why you should not exclude possibility of losing money, invested by you in the Project. You should risk only the amount, loss of which will not be crucial for your financial position;
  • Administration has a right to cease its operation activity and obligations fulfillment towards its clients if the project activity is affected by the following factors: earthquakes, global economic crises, wars, man-made disasters, strikes, epidemics and revolutions. If such factors take place, the project posts a corresponding warning of cessation of its operation activity at its website;


  • Inform other persons with the purpose of inviting them to participate at project;
  • Create personal websites and post information, related to the company, at the corresponding websites;
  • Direct to Administration his requests and feedbacks, aimed at services improvement;
  • Claim performance of terms of this Agreement from project Time 2 Click